Only PREMIUM 100% Human Hair Extensions

We fit hair extensions that DON’T look like extensions!!

** You’re an individual and because of this each person has different requirements so we offer custom made fittings **
Beautiful womanRussian Supreme main catBeautiful woman wearing splendid dress

 Don’t settle for STANDARD bonds & fitting as this may not be suitable for your hair!

INdian virgin mainThere is no age restriction with extensions and we appreciate that here more than anything!Long curls

Whether 18 or 55,  have just volume if you’re thinning or if you’re after hair that’s long and lush we can fit that too.Long as it blends and looks natural that’s what we care about most.

Straight, Curly or Wavy, various colours and mixed blends we can match all requirements

We can make bonds to suit the density of your natural hair and match your natural texture.Colour blending services too for those clients with varied shades.

You can phone or email to discuss the best options for you or Book a Free Consultation.

Come see the hair and get a real feel for QUALITY hair extensions.We only fit ANGELUS HAIR SUPPLIES extensions a brand which is an amazing premium quality hair.At S.H.E you receive a complete and comprehensive aftercare guide specifically tailored for you.